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Introduction to Project Management Skills: Getting Things Done (VLT)

Introduction to Project Management Skills: Getting Things Done (VLT)

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 This virtual live training (VLT) takes place via Zoom; the Zoom link will be emailed one day before the session. 

Date and Time: Wednesday, September 21, 1-2:30PM EST

Training Length: 90 min. 

Price per seat:  $75

Facilitator: Melissa Shillingford

Description of training:  

The universal definitions and methodologies of project management offer sharp focus, invigorating synergy and decisive planning tools to pilot new ideas, programs, and outcomes. This workshop will focus on project management tools and strategies that can be used to complete a project or achieve a performance improvement goal with greater efficiency and effectiveness.  Participants will also explore how to develop contingency plans, communications plans, and to identify key roles and areas of accountability for project team members.

Learning outcomes:  

  • Learn how to define project scope, need and feasibility, major deliverables, and milestones;
  • Learn how to define and sequence project activities within specific project phases;
  • Learn how to create a motivational project team environment with a clear purpose, goals, and working approach utilizing the unique talents of each member.

Target Audience:  

This workshop is suited for anyone who manages projects as part of an entire organization, a department, a unit, or a committee.

Meet Melissa Shillingford

With over 10 years of working in social justice, I have always been an advocate for producing an impactful change in the community for the betterment of others. Like many people, I was a procrastinator and realized how detrimental that would be to my personal stress level. I quickly began making changes to become more efficient and that was when I was introduced to Project Management. Learning Project Management skills not only improved my career but changed my personal life.

Project Management is a universal approach to getting things done and once learned can be applied to both personal and professional projects. It encompasses every aspect of life, from getting your family up and out of the house on time to planning a destination wedding, parents anniversary cruise, and even smaller events like company holiday parties and professional events. The skills are invaluable to a balanced and stress-free lifestyle.

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