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Supercharge Your Recruitment Through Innovative Marketing (VLT)

Supercharge Your Recruitment Through Innovative Marketing (VLT)

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 This virtual live training (VLT) takes place via Zoom; the Zoom link will be emailed one day before the session. 

Date and Time: Wednesday, September 7, 1-2:30PM EST 

Training Length: 90 min. 

Price per seat: $75

Facilitator: Schanita Ratnayake

Description of training:  

This workshop will utilize aspects of experiential marketing (EM) and social media marketing (SM) to enhance your workforce development program.

In the current age of Tik Tok/ IG connoisseurs, it is no longer enough to dangle the hopes of solid career skills and a future career in the corporate world in front of the current generation and expect an influx of eager participants. In order to get participants in the door and keep them there, today's workforce development programs require an entirely different approach to maintain a successful program with healthy enrollment numbers.

We will focus on the 2 R's, Recruitment and Retention of workforce development programs, by introducing updated marketing approaches to reach your target demographic and improve program retention rates.

We will introduce ways your organization can maintain its branding and integrity while appealing to your target audience. Finding ways to help them feel welcome and comfortable in your organization while inviting them to stretch themselves and grow into a potential corporate work environment.

    Learning outcomes:

    Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

    • Attract your target audience in more significant numbers by effectively using platforms such as Tik Tok & Instagram;  
    • Learn ways to supercharge your recruitment efforts while simultaneously reducing your marketing budget; and 
    • Envision ways to improve retention rates by increasing participant input over the trajectory of the program. 

    Target Audience:  All staff 

    Meet Schanita Ratnayake

    From performer to marketing and branding guru, Schanita Ratnayake began her marketing career in Japan by helping US-based companies and individuals alike solidify their branding and marketing plans to effectively reach their target Japanese audiences. 

    She subsequently moved back to the US where she began to specialize in Experiential Marketing (EM) developing and executing activations for brands such as Hewlett Packard, Jet Blue, Gerber, Sanrio/ Hello Kitty, Lenovo and many others.  Whether its live or augmented reality, her work is marked by a keen eye for connecting the brand's intent to an audience's appetite.  

    Schanita  is currently taking EM to the next level as the co-owner and head of Marketing and Branding for CAKE CULTURE ATL housed at the legendary Jamestown Ponce City Market in Atlanta, Georgia.



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