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Coming Soon! Foundations of Digital Transformation in Workforce Development

Coming Soon! Foundations of Digital Transformation in Workforce Development

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Technology, from automation, artificial intelligence, digital tools, and software to social media, has dramatically changed how we live, work, study, shop, and do business. Every day, there seems to be a new technological advancement being announced.

For workforce development practitioners and organizations, understanding the technology, its impact on the labor market, industry sectors, and occupations, and the skills that we and our jobseekers need for this increasingly technological world is essential. Amid a changing labor market and economy, understanding and adapting to these technological changes is also a vital component to increasing equity, job quality for all workers, and providing opportunities toward living-wage jobs, career pathways, and economic mobility.

In this course, we will focus on digital transformation and how it impacts workforce development programs. Digital transformation is the process of developing organizational and technology-based capabilities that will allow your organization to operate and deliver more effective and efficient programs and services, improve the job seeker experience, and ultimately help more jobseekers obtain economic sustainability and mobility. 

The course objectives include: 

·     Understand the meaning of Digital Transformation and its importance for workforce practitioners

·     Describe the impact of changing labor markets on jobseekers 

·     Identify the consequences of digital skills gaps

·     Identify techniques for streamlining organizational processes 

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