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Foundations of Employer Engagement

Foundations of Employer Engagement

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Getting an employer's attention is hard.

In an age when companies have no shortage of ways to fill open positions -- job boards, social media, staffing agencies, government-funded career centers, educational institutions, for-profit trade schools, nonprofit workforce development programs, their own websites, and more -- competition for the eyes and ears of hiring managers can be overwhelming.

Nonprofit job developers, in particular, face numerous roadblocks to employer engagement.  All too often, marketing budgets are limited, sales technologies several generations out of date, and little to no formal sales training for job developers.  The challenges are further compounded by the divide between nonprofit and for-profit cultures, with employers cautious about hiring from community-based organizations.

In this self-paced, asynchronous course, you will learn about the Dual Customer Approach, Developing an Effective Prospecting Plan to find employers likely to hire, and the fundamentals of Connecting With Employers and Making a Pitch that Lands.

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