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Foundations of Youth-Centered Postsecondary Career and Education Planning

Foundations of Youth-Centered Postsecondary Career and Education Planning

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The transition from adolescence to adulthood is a critical time for young people. Today, as an ever-increasing number of good jobs – those that provide a living wage – require some kind of post-secondary education and training beyond high school, moving to adulthood and economic self-sufficiency can be even more challenging for many young people. 

As practitioners, having an understanding of the labor market, industry sectors and occupations, and the various career, training, and education pathways available today from college, credentials, and apprenticeships to name just a few, is essential in creating equitable opportunities for economic and personal success for young adults. Equipped with this knowledge and understanding, we can effectively educate, guide, and support young adults in exploring the post-secondary options available to them after earning their high school diploma or GED, and to help them make the right decision for their future career and personal goals.

Target Audience: Career Coaches and Counselors, Job Placement Specialists, Training and Development Specialists, Workforce Development Professionals, Managers and Supervisors. 

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand post-secondary pathways and how these pathways can contribute to economic and personal fulfillment;
  • Facilitate and champion youth-centered decision-making and goal-setting for career exploration and planning; and
  • Gain practical strategies to enhance your impact as a career coach.


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